Eterna’s New Exchange Model Challenges Crypto Markets

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Eterna's New
Eterna’s New Exchange Model Challenges Crypto Markets

Eterna is incorporated in Estonia and Lithuania and is licensed under EU law.

Eterna Hybrid Exchange claims to be the next generation of crypto trading. What does this mean for the industry and Bitcoin maximalists such as Elon Musk and Michael Saylor?

What is Eterna?

Eterna Hybrid is a new type of exchange that combines the advantages of both decentralized and centralized exchanges. Its various features also distinguish it.

In its second version, Eterna will introduce a new feature commonly associated with a decentralized exchange: its AMM aggregator.
For instance, Eterna is the first exchange to distribute 50% of its total net income to its token holders. It also provides various services through its Eterna Incubator program. These include launching new projects and lowering the transaction costs associated with new ones.
Due to its unique and sustainable value proposition, Eterna is considered an ideal choice for investors.

Each of these features needs to be analyzed in further detail.

Legal Incorporation and Licensing

Unfortunately, many exchanges are still not registered in a well-defined country. For instance, Binance, despite being successful, is not registered in any country. This has made investors more aware of proper licensing and registration. Eterna is also licensed and legally registered in the European Union, which gives it credibility as an exchange.

Hybrid Exchange?

Aside from being the first hybrid exchange, Eterna is also the biggest exchange that combines decentralized and centralized trading. This is significant because, while Defi platforms such as Pancakeswap and Uniswap are very popular, most investors tend to avoid volatility and uncertainty.

For investors who are used to the transparency and safety of a centralized exchange, Eterna is a great alternative. It allows them to access the entire crypto space from one business.


The value proposition of Eterna is further reinforced by its unique feature, which is the first exchange for distributing 50% of its net income to its token holders. In other projects, the reward for holding a certain number of tokens is variable, which increases the number of them that one can have. This allows Eterna to reward its token stakes while also giving them a 50% share of its net income.

As Eterna pays out more of its USDT and BUSD to its stakes, its price will increase, making it an ideal choice for investors. It also provides various rewards to its token holders. These include price appreciation, an increase in the number of tokens, and a share of the exchange’s net income.

How To Invest In Stocks

Cross-Chain Trading

The Eterna bridge connects its various networks, including the Ethereum network and the Binance Smart Chain. Through cross-chain trading, investors can easily swap between cryptocurrencies. This allows them to get in on the cross-chain arbitrage market whenever the price of one token exceeds that of another.

Because Eterna’s connection to the two most popular chains can also distribute rewards and profits to its stakes on both sides of the bridge, for instance, investors on the Binnacle Smart Chain will get their profit share in BUSD. In contrast, those on the Ethereum network will get their profits in USDT.


In its upcoming version 2, Eterna will allow its users to access both centralized and decentralized trading through a single exchange. It also plans to expand its Defi capabilities by enabling investors to swap on the Avalanche, Cardano, and Polygon chains. There are also rumors that it might build its hybrid blockchain.

Aside from being an ideal choice for investors, Eterna also provides great rewards to its users. Its unique feature and robust Defi capabilities suit institutional and retail investors.

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